Jon Singer (jonsinger) wrote,
Jon Singer

At the Supermarket

Went to the market this afternoon while running various errands. As we were on our way out I noticed a coin changer machine, one of the big tall ones. The door was open and there was an apparent field service guy standing partly inside the thing, talking on an old-style telephone that was clearly built into the device. I made some remark about strange phonebooths, and [personal profile] lisajulie asked what kind of superhero might come out of such a thing. I thought about that for a moment, imagined someone in a shiny metallic costume, and said,

“Coin Man.”

Without missing a beat, she said,

“An Agent for Change.”
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November 2 2014, 05:24:34 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  November 2 2014, 05:25:08 UTC

Lord help us - the two of you! You're a pair to draw to.
Arrrrg! (And I mean that in the best possible way.) :)
Campaigning for good sense, and always on dime.
Only superhero who wears a cape and quarteroy pants.
Played in the movie by Johnny Cash.
That was absolutely terrible! I suggest you check out of this thread at once.

Wince for all of this!

...I mean, 'Harrumph.'