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ADDenda & Incorrigenda

...uhhh, where was I, Fred?

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Jon Singer
I seem to be one of those "hub" people -- I know a lot of folks, and a lot of folks know me. (Hub people are the duct-tape that keeps the "6 degrees" thing down to 6; without them, the number would be a lot higher.) I've been involved in lasers since the late 1960s; in pottery & ceramics since late 1995; in music since I was a small child; and in the Science Fiction and Fantasy field in one way or another (mostly as a fan, but occasionally as a proofreader or in some other semiprofessional capacity) since 1969, not counting my involvement as a reader, which started much earlier. I have one published story, in an anthology called Interfictions; it was republished in Apex in 2014. I have a good stiff case of ADHD, and partly as a result of that I have too many interests, only a few of which are presented in the list here.
_camellia_sinensis_, afro-caribbean drumming, alfons mucha, alphonse mucha, art nouveau, arvo part, arvo pärt, bahasa indonesia, bali, bargain hunting, blue flowers, calligraphy, cats, cats with personality, choral singing, cider, cognitive dissonance, colin macphee, compost, composting, cooking, copyediting, crystal glazes, diana wynne jones, diane duane, dorothy l sayers, drawing, drumming, ellen kushner, emma bull, fabric, fantasy, fish bliss, fixing things, fluorescent glazes, flying, flying gliders, flying sailplanes, food, fountain pens, fragrances, fragrant flowers, fungi, gamelan, gamelan music, gardening, glazes, gongs, growing things, herman melville, holography, incense, indonesia, indonesian arts, ink, interesting people, irama, java, jo walton, john m. ford, kempul, kendhang, ketuk, laras, lasers, madrigals, making connections, making musical instruments, making pottery, mead, michael innes, miyazaki hayao, moomintroll, museums, mushrooms, music, musicmaking, mycology, mysteries, neil gaiman, nero wolfe, olfaction, organic dye lasers, pamela dean, patet, patricia wrede, patrick nielsen hayden, perry, photography, plants, playing gamelan music, playing music, pottery, pre-raphaelites, proofreading, r. austin freeman, randall garrett, reading, rebab, restaurants, roses, sacred harp, samuel delany, samuel r. delany, science fiction, science fiction conventions, shapenote singing, singing madrigals, singing rounds, soaring, stereophotography, suling, tea, teaware, technique, technology, teresa nielsen hayden, textiles, thrift stores, tinkering, tom stoppard, tove jansson, ursula k. le guin, vonda n. mcintyre, walking in the woods, wayang, wayang kulit, william gibson, william morris, writing, z_etcetera-etcetera.

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